Performance Art and a Picnic

A group of Brooks employees packed a picnic basket and went out to support local artist, Delbert Sisk’s performance in Overton Park. 

It isn't a picnic without egg salad sandwiches.  Looking for the perfect spot.

For the last two days Sisk has been interacting with E.H. Crump’s statue in Overton Park as part of the Urban Art Commission’s 10th anniversary of temporary projects . Yesterday we heard he was hugging Mr. Crump and today, I captured him taking a nap.

Delbert Sisk and E.H. Crump  Delbert Sisk Snooze Performance

The only line he spoke was, “Can you spare 22 cents?” My reply, “No, I don’t have any change on me, sorry.” That was it. The interpretations of his performance art are limitless. Is he making a statement about where Memphis has come since the days of Crump’s reign, a time when we held the titles, “cleaneast and quietest city?”


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