Rockumentary series

Don’t know if any of you got a chance to come to Pete Seeger: The Power of Song yesterday.  It was the first in our Rockumentary film series (to coincide with our Psychedelia rock posters exhibition), and it was incredible.  The whole documentary — and perhaps Seeger’s life in general — is built upon the premise that each of us CAN make a difference.  And music has the power to do so; art has the power to do so.  These are powerful tools that communicate ideas, and unite people around worthy causes.

The next up in the series on Sunday, June 15 is The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan at the Newport Film Festival.  Filmmaker Murray Lerner has crafted a revealing portrait the young Bob Dylan during the crucial period of 1963 – 65, as he grows progressively darker, taking his first steps into rock and roll.

After that, we move on to a film about Clash frontman Joe Strummer in The Future is Unwritten — screening at the Brooks on Sunday, June 22 at 2pm.  The film is full of interviews of friends and collaborators, and plenty of concert footage, set against a backdrop of the 70s punk mentality.  I like this quote about the film I read on Rotten Tomatoes: “[Director Julien] Temple gets at the heart of Strummer’s character, at the unbridled joy that existed within his righteous anger, the satisfaction of knowing he was on the right side of history and hadn’t had to sell any part of himself to get there.”

Hope you get a chance to catch one or both of these…


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