The Memphis World Guided Tour and Gospel Lunch

Photos from The Memphis World 

This Saturday morning, come out to the Brooks Museum for lunch, music, and a special viewing of our exhibition, Photographs from the Memphis World, 1949-1964. A Brooks docent will be your guide on this interactive tour.


Originally, these photos were run in The Memphis World, an African-American newspaper published from 1931 to 1973.  The Memphis World (like many of its sister publications geared towards an African-American audience) depicted its readers’ lives and all its facets — politics, education, religion, social organizations, the arts, civil rights, business, and sports.  Unlike the reporting found in white newspapers, The Memphis World documented the successes and challenges of the city’s diverse population.  These images of everyday life represent a powerful testament to the spirit of the African-American community living in the Jim Crow South. 


After the tour, the New Olivet Baptist Church Choir will be joining us at noon in the Museum’s rotunda to uplift and inspire with their songs.  A tasty lunch will also be served in the Brushmark. 


There is no cost besides your museum admission.  However, space is limited to 30 people on a first-come, first-served basis.  Call   901.544.6200  to hold your place now or get your tickets here.  If you can’t join us this weekend, keep in mind that this exhibition will be on view until January 5, 2009.


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