CHE: In Two Parts


The Brooks and Indie Memphis team up to present Steven Soderbergh’s biohistorical epic about the life of the controversial revoultionary icon, Che Guevara.  This exclusive engagement will be shown in two parts on consecutive Sundays.  Benicio del Toro earned a Best Actor award at Cannes for his portrayel of the controversial and paradoxical leader. As the tag line suggests: “Everyone knows the icon, few know the man.”

I can confidently say that Che is one of the most talked-about films of the past year.  It has been both praised and villified, much like the man it represents.  The length of the film has also gotten a lot of attention.  Clocking in at almost 4 1/2 hours, it is possibly the longest movie in commercial film history, which is one of the reasons that the Brooks, like other theaters, are splitting it into two parts.  What is not in question, however, is Soderbergh’s ambition and willingness to push the envelope to undergo this significant project.

Sunday, March 1
CHE :The Argentine

Sunday, March 8
CHE: The Guerilla

Swing by the Brooks at 4pm both Sundays for lively libations (cash bar) and cuban-themed noshing. The films starts at 5pm.  Don’t miss out on the Brushmark afterward, where tapas and conversation will be served. Revoultionary style. 

For tickets or more information, click here or call 544-6208.

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