Opening Weekend Celebration:Masterpieces

Nuts Over Art, Opening Weekend 168

Thank you to everyone who supported the Brooks this weekend at our Opening Weekend Celebration for an amazing and fascinating new exhibit, Masterpieces from Museo de Arte de Ponce. Catch this re-cap from our Exclusive Members’ Reception Friday night, where guests enjoyed wine and appetizers and received a first-hand view of the new European paintings.

Nuts Over Art, Opening Weekend 137

Over the weekend, lunch guests enjoyed a live piano player as they dined while our volunteers were absolutley amazing, as usual, as they assisted visitors with their Ponce audio guides which you can hear through your phone! Artists sprinkled the galleries with their sketchbooks as they drew from the inspiring French, Italian, and Spanish paintings.

Native Spanish speakers and students listened as Jenna Jauchler, our Events Manager, gave a Spanish guided tour. There were so many people, Jenna kindly stayed and gave a second tour! In addition, there were sold out English and French tours on Sunday!


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