From the School of Myatt

We’ve got a new show up this week.  From the School of Myatt: Benton Moss and Kathleen Studebaker is being put on in conjunction with Greely Myatt: And Exactly Twenty Years (also known affectionately as “Greelypalooza”).

Greely, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the man, is a sculptor and University of Memphis professor, whose work and commitment to the arts in Memphis is being celebrated with an unprecedented city-wide exhibition (besides the Brooks, there are seven other venues that participated) — an effort conceived and organized by Hamlett Dobbins (Clough-hansen, Material).

During his nearly twenty-year tenure as a professor at The University of Memphis, Greely has influenced and inspired many students, two of whom are highlighted in this new show: Benton Moss and Kathleen Studebaker.  These two artists both explore worlds of fantasy through their use of line, form, and color. 

Kathleen has several sculptures and paintings in the show, while Benton’s is a floor to ceiling installations that covers two walls.  Come by to take a look.  (Included in regular museum admission fee; free on Wednesdays.)


Benton Moss. Twenty-seven-B-stroke-six, 2009. Mixed media. Collection of the artist.











Kathleen Studebaker. Untitled Broken Pane #3, 2006. Wood. Collection of the artist.

From the School of Myatt: Benton Moss and Kathleen Studebaker is on view through December 6, 2009.  This exhibition is supported by a Jeniam Foundation Grant administered through ArtsMemphis.


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