Essential Art House Cinema at the Brooks!

Don’t miss our next two films!

Thursday, November 5 | 1 pm and 7:30pm
La Strada

Directed by the famous Frederico Fellini, La Strada, meaning “The Road”, is a film about a young girl who is sold out of poverty by her family to an evil man who uses and abuses her while she works as his helper.

Made in 1954, and winner of the Academy Award for Best Film in 1956, La Strada is a tale about struggle, family, true love, and tragedy.

Enjoy this rare opportunity to see this drama at the Brooks!

Thursday, November 12 | 7:30 pm
*At Malco’s Studio on the Square

Directed by original Akira Kurosawa in 1950, Rashomon is a film about one crime and four seperate, and different, accounts of it. A woodcutter, widow, dead man, and possible murderer all tell the story of who-done-it and why. Follow the story through flashbacks, allegory, and oral tradition.

Laiden with modern art references, cinematography, symbolism, and philosophy, Rashomon puts the viewer in a unique position where they act as the jury trying to determine the guilty.

This film classic is known to be one of the first influences of Japanese culture on Western society, and was eventually re-made into the 1964 Western, The Outrage.

Winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and the Academy Honorary Award at the 24th Annual Academy Awards, this film is a must see!

To read more about the restoration process of these films click here.


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