The Brooks takes a Field Trip

From time to time, some of the Brooks staffers like to take a long lunch and go on a field trip. Who doesn’t like a field trip?  Last week we went to visit our friends over at the Dixon to see their new shows Lichtenstein in Process and Carry Me! Lucite Handbags from the Caryn Scheidt Collection.

Attending our excursion was Lindsey (head of Art of Good Taste fundraising events), Bob (grant writer), Heather (graphic designer), Erica (visitor services and social media guru), and myself (film programmer and sometimes blogger).

It was a gorgeous day – a nice break from the rain – so we had a brown bag lunch in the gardens.  Then we went in to see the exhibits.  We started with Lichtenstein, a collection of the Pop artist’s studies, drawings, and collages.  I found it fascinating to see how the artist begins to compose the colors, shapes, and forms that eventually became his final work.  We also enjoyed picking out the various materials he used – colored tape, carefully cut and painted paper, even tinfoil!


Private Collection © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Then we headed in to Carry Me, a beautiful collection of Lucite handbags from the 1940s to the 60s.  These smooth, glossy, almost futuristic shapes come speckled with rhinestones, metal confetti, gold netting, and lace.  I loved how they glittered and shone in light. 

Collection of Caryn Scheidt.

Both shows definitely worth checking out.  All in all a wonderful lunch break – I encourage you all to take a long lunch (go on, your boss won’t mind) and check out some of the great museums around town… Tomorrow we’re headed to the Metal Museum for the Elizabeth Brim show!


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