FILM and ART: Salute to Tunisian Cinema and Tunisian Mosaics at the Brooks!

FILM: Salute to Tunisian Cinema: Being Here
Thursday, May 6 | 7pm
EXHIBITION: Mosaics from Tunisia
Now through Sunday, May 30

The Memphis in May International Festival, Indie Memphis and the Brooks have teamed up to bring Memphians an insider look at Tunisia. Located in the northernmost point of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and containing the Sahara Desert, Tunisia is a country to be explored!

Come early and check out our unique Tunisian mosaics exhibition! Tunisia is known for its early history and preserved Roman marble mosaics. Used as pavement decorations during the rebuilding of the city post-invasion, most of the artwork depicts Christian and Mythological themes. You must see them for yourself-they are so old, you can even still see some of the ancient dirt! My personal favorite is the Funerary Orant with birds, roses, and candles from the 5th century! It alludes to resurrection, which is a pretty awesome concept.

Come to the Brooks Thursday, May 6th at 7pm to see the award-winning documentary, Being Here, written by Zran Mohamed. This film will take its viewers on a scenic journey that travels from the past traditions and lifestyles of the ancients into the present-day modern city. Follow real-life portrayals of inhabitants of southern Tunisia and how they live. You are sure to walk away from this event with a wider mind.


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