Memphis Scene: Community Curated Exhibit

Check out the talent of your fellow Memphians! Memphis Scene collected entries submitted from all over the city to compete via Flickr to gain the top spot in this diverse exhibition.

Celebrating the diversity of the arts in Memphis, the Memphis Scene exhibition now on view through August 1, 2010, harmoniously fuses music and the visual arts. From the blues, rock and roll, hip-hop, soul, and indie music to painting, mixed media, photography, and sculpture, the artworks in this exhibition capture the vitality, energy, and passion of our city.

In a historic place with a musical pedigree that is unmatched in the United States and a burgeoning art scene that is garnering nationwide recognition, the Brooks is honored to present a community-created, community-curated exhibition highlighting the talents of local artists and the music that inspires them. This showcase is much more than a display of art, it is a commemoration and a dedication to our city’s rich artistic heritage . . . and to its future.

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