Avant-Garde Party 2010: I ♥ Rock & Roll!

Everyone loves rock & roll. The Avant-Garde party at the Brooks is notorious for being the “party of the summer,” and we want you there! This party is the very definition of the word “avant-garde” – it is unorthodox, radical, and daring. Guests know to come for a great time, ready to party, and above all, to expect the unexpected. Avant-Garde 2010 is no different, as the Brooks will be completely transformed into a rockstar playground.

Channel your inner rock star and get ready for the party by listening to our band for the evening, AQUANET. The “World’s Greatest ‘80s Glam Rock Band” will be jamming out all night long in the Rotunda while our guests get inked by our tattoo artists, relax in our Oasis hookah bar, dance the night away, put together their own band courtesy of Wii, and of course, eat and drink! And this is just a small list of everything happening this Saturday, August 21st…

What to wear to the summer’s hottest party, you ask? (Here we should note that the AC will be fully functioning so do not be afraid of spontaneously combusting in your Tina wig or of melting in your leather pants- this truly is the “coolest” party of the summer in every sense of the word.) We’ve got answers and inspiration as you channel your inner rock star. If you haven’t experienced the amazing Who Shot Rock & Roll photography exhibition upon which this party is based, not only are you missing out but you may still be wondering “who is my inner rockstar?” Not to worry. We have pulled together some images for inspiration:

The “I ♥ Rock & Roll” (you’re singing it in your head now, aren’t you?) party celebrates rock & roll throughout the decades so, when deciding on your outfit, it is important to ask yourself, are you the poodle skirt loving, greased lightning, Elvis-meets-Priscilla, don’t be late to the sock hop type? Or are you more of the make love not war, flowers in your hair,
‘Come on baby, light my fire’ era? Are you workin’ at the carwash in your go-go boots? Perhaps you are a Material Girl? A child of the 80’s, when big hair, neon and spandex reigned? Then there’s also those who identify more with the grunge-y look made popular by the homeless in the Pacific Northwest and Nirvana — think flannel and dirty hair. Maybe Tupac, Bjork and Lil’ Kim are more your speed. It is my sincerest hope that my fave, Lady Gaga, makes an appearance! Oh, the possibilities are endless! If you are still having trouble identifying with a certain personality, maybe what you are is a groupie. Groupies seek out and emulate their rock idols and may tattoo themselves accordingly and certainly collect concert T-shirts. It is okay to be a groupie. There are no right or wrong answers here, but we do have prizes for the best costumes we see! For the love of rock & roll — be here or be square!

Want to be a rock star at Avant-Garde, but not a member? No problem! Join today as a Fellow level member for your 2 FREE TICKETS and enjoy benefits all year long. Call Kiley at 901.544.6230 or e-mail kiley.robinette@brooksmuseum.org


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