Free Events at the Brooks

Did you know that your favorite local museum offers free events every month? The Brooks website has a page that links you to all of our gratis fun! Your art museum is a romantic way to spend a budget-friendly date or a place to find solace or meet friends.

Every single Wednesday is Pay What You Can at the museum! Now that the weather is getting nicer, you can pack a lunch, ride your bike over and enjoy lunch in the beautiful Overton Park before lazily viewing artwork in the afternoon.

For those looking for family fun, we have a free Family Day, Saturday, February 26th. Right when you walk in the door, you are greeted with colorful tables loaded with art supplies and craft suggestions for you and your young ones! Plus, you get to take whatever you make home for great fridge art.

If it’s film you’re into, then enjoy two free screenings-one in February, the other in March.  Another date idea or informative and relaxing evening.

No matter what you love, you’ll find something to inspire you and awaken your senses at the Brooks!  Come over and visit us soon.

For more information about our free events click here.

For more information about Brooks After Hours click here.


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