Discover Your Inner Warrior

This self-affirming statement names the hands-on education gallery component for the upcoming Armed & Dangerous: Art of the Arsenal exhibition. Now, if you’re anything like me – your imagination might take you to an image of children running wildly wielding swords, lifting shields, with Corinthian Helmets upon their heads; chaos abounding. This is NOT the case.

The educational gallery will afford visitors all along the age spectrum the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways with various interactives:
• A child-sized samurai suit invites participants to step behind the armor and view themselves in a mirror; discovering their inner samurai.

• A helmet interactive allows children and adults to try-on different helmets; you know the saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, do you think the same goes for helmets?
Hmmm. . .

• Now you see me, now you don’t! In the case of camouflage that’s kind of the point. Visitors will be impressed by a camo wall spanning more than ten feet! Visitors will don ponchos and “disappear” into a selection of camouflaged backgrounds.

• “Armoring a Knight: A Squire’s Guide” a short film provides a visual step-by-step of two squires dressing a knight. (duration three minutes, eight seconds) The video is set to music with images captioned, providing a great explanation of the process.

• Take a seat and explore surface decoration with an embossing activity. Take inspiration of objects on view. Pick up a stylus, make marks on metal sheets, and take your work home with you as a memento from your Brooks experience.

• Explore the uses of armor today! From our favorite super heroes and villains (think: Iron Man and Darth Vader), to athletes (think: baseball and football), to everyday heroes (think: police officers), children will have the opportunity to dress up with elements of armor today.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet! I challenge you, regardless of age or armor knowledge. . . “Discover Your Inner Warrior” will offer you the opportunity to learn about armor in an engaging and fun way. Come check it out for yourself! On view November 12, 2011 – March 11, 2012.

This blog has been written by Erin M. Narloch,Tour Coordinator for the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.


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