Exhibitions Intern Jody Stokes-Casey Talks School, Text and Themes at the Brooks

For the next few weeks, I will have the pleasure of working in some incredible galleries at the Brooks museum. I am an art history graduate student at the University of Memphis and am enrolled in a museum studies certification program through the university. As part of a course, I have been assigned to work with a museum in the creation of a product that will benefit not only my learning, but also the institution for which the product is created. I knew from the early stages of the assignment that I wanted to work with the Brooks Museum. It is a magical place of culture, art, and education (and need I mention the amazing cuisine at the Brushmark). I have visited the museum on a number of previous occasions mostly in conjunction with the Tennessee Art Education Association (my background is in art education at the middle and high school levels) but also on my own a time or two. Now that I am living in Memphis, I wanted to take the opportunity of my class assignment to really study with and learn from this enchanting institution.

What is the project?

Throughout the next six weeks or so, I will be working to help the Brooks Museum with the standardization of the artwork labels in particular the labels in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque galleries. Basically, I’ll be condensing some of the information on longer labels into a more visitor-friendly format. The other challenging aspect of the project is drafting text panels to explain the theme of each gallery.

I am looking forward to the challenge of this project and am reading up on best practices in the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) Gallery Text guide and Beverly Serrell’s Exhibit Labels. I hope that through the project I will be able to experience some behind the scenes museum work and that the Brooks will benefit from a job well done. Now, on with the research!

-Jody Stokes-Casey


2 thoughts on “Exhibitions Intern Jody Stokes-Casey Talks School, Text and Themes at the Brooks

  1. Reblogged this on Archaeology, Museums & Outreach and commented:
    Here is a great blog by one of the Museum Studies Graduate Interns from the University of Memphis, Jody Stokes-Casey. One of the parts of our program that I really enjoy is the opportunity for our students to get real time experience through their internships where they not only learn, but also make a lasting contribution to Memphis area museums.

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