Angels & Tomboys & Truants & Divas & Men


“Well, it was lovely to see you all, but it has been a long journey – I think I will retire to my pedestal for the night.”


“Paul and Luis! I’m in good hands.”


“No, that can’t be right- it’s 35 1/2 x 29 x 18 inches, 450 pounds. Firm. It is a bit chilly in the galleries tonight, isn’t it? Got anything I can wrap myself in?”


“I meant a blanket.”


“That’s better-ish.”

"Kip darling! Is that you?"

“Kip darling! Is that you?”


“Did you get my rider? Green Tea, Chex Mix, Biore strips, handheld TV….”


“No TV? But Modern Family is on tonight!”


“Are we at least still on for yoga and meditation tomorrow morning?”


“Oh nevermind, I’m so exhausted from the trip – I’m going to sleep like a rock tonight!”


“You boys paying attention? Beauty, brains, and I got jokes!”


“Aww..c’mon! I’m not that much of a diva! Did you hear about Nike of Samothrace? Four million dollar makeover! Now, who is drawing my bath? I can’t… I’M A SCULPTURE!”


“BWAHAHA! HA! HA! HA…ha…ha..he…. he…. Hello? Guys?”

Installation photographs of Angels & Tomboys: Girlhood in Nineteenth Century American Art; February 2013. This exhibition will be on view at the Brooks through May 12th, 2013.


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