Memphis artist discusses new form of surrealism – NOVI art

Artist Kenneth Alexander will discuss his new form of surrealism called NOVI Art during a gallery talk at Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Wednesday, October 7, 2015.

Sky Temple NOVI Art Music-"Almost" produced by me #NOVIarts

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Combining acrylic and illustrator, he wants to help pioneer that digital art should be on par with traditional art. New ways to create art becoming more abundant and they should be treated with respect as we do the traditional way.

As a younger artist, he drew mostly anime and charcoal style portraits. Along the way, as he picked up painting, he wanted to expand on seeing art as it is more.

He has been perfecting a way to get his art to move in place and seen as a still motion body of work. This is an artist talk for the new age!

Click here to read more about Alexander’s Surreal Kingdoms exhibition on view at Brooks Museum until November 1, 2015. See more of his work by following him on Instagram at @kennywaynearts.

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