Global Lens Film Series:Ocean of an Old Man

Thursday, July 8 | 7pm

Want insight into the lives of the people who experience nature and its consequences? Come to the Brooks to see yet another unique and magnificent film from around the world.

Written, directed, and produced by Indian filmmaker Rajesh Shera, Ocean of an Old Man canvases a smooth and calming scenery amongst a gripping narrative about loss. Set in India post-Tsunami, a school teacher suffers internally as he travels between reality and delusion as he searches for the bodies of his lost students.

In Hindi with English subtitles.

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Global Lens Series: Gods

Directed by Josué Méndez, a Harvard Film School graduate, Gods (2008) places the viewer in a tumultous relationship between new family and old and all of the process and personalities involved.

Gods is an ironic story about the classic ebb and flow of wealth versus poverty. The film follows Elisa, a poor yet pretty and polished young woman who captures the heart of an older, wealthier man. Her excitement for a better life and nicer things becomes sidelined by her two new stepchildren, Diego and Andria. Diego and his father brood over the family business and Andria brushes off responsibility for endless partying and boy-hopping.

As Diego lusts after his sister’s romantic affection while simultaneously trying to break her of her bad habits, Elisa is caught in her dream-families chaotic whirlwind.

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Reel to Real: Eric Jambor Presents

Thursday, June 17 | 7 pm

Come to the Brooks this Thursday for two great films: Leo’s Room, the next Global Lens installment, at 2pm and Reel to Real: Eric Jambor at 7pm!

Jambor, executive director for Indie Memphis and local filmmaker, will be showing his 1996 short film, “Gamalost,” which premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and was awarded the Gold Award for best original dramatic short at WorldFest Charleston. Afterwards, Jambor will screen his choice for the feature presentation, Hard Core Logo (1996). A film about a band’s last chance attempt at success, Hard Core Logo delves into the lives of a punk rock group whose issues and personalities rise to the surface and fill the viewer’s eye with a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road.

The Reel to Real film series will surely whet your appetite for the new Who Shot Rock and Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present exhibition opening on June 26th. C.Scott McCoy and Laura Jean Hocking are currently working on a documentary about the infamous Antenna Club and will be featured in the next R2R, Sunday, July 25th at 2pm. Then, we’ll have two more music-themed Reel to Reals with Scott Bomar who composed the music for Hustle and Flow and Black Snake Moan in August and Robert Gordon, author of It Came from Memphis and the Muddy Water bio, Can’t be Satisfied.

Global Lens Film Series:Masquerades (Algeria)

Thursday, May 13 | 7pm
Thursday, May 20 | 2pm

The Brooks and Indie Memphis are teaming up again in a collaboration with The Global Film Initiative to bring you diverse films that cross borders and break barriers. Come see Masquerades, a romantic comedy from Algeria and the first in the Global Lens Series.

Directed and written by Lyes Salem, Masquerades tells the story of Mounir (played by the director), a young, hardworking man who struggles to find success and fortune for not only himself, but also his family. You see, his sister has narcolepsy and he wants to find her a wealthy beau to marry. However, his sister has plans of her own-and they involve Mounir’s best friend. You’ll have two chances to watch this tale unfold, and it won’t be what you expect.

Essential Art House Cinema at the Brooks!

Don’t miss our next two films!

Thursday, November 5 | 1 pm and 7:30pm
La Strada

Directed by the famous Frederico Fellini, La Strada, meaning “The Road”, is a film about a young girl who is sold out of poverty by her family to an evil man who uses and abuses her while she works as his helper.

Made in 1954, and winner of the Academy Award for Best Film in 1956, La Strada is a tale about struggle, family, true love, and tragedy.

Enjoy this rare opportunity to see this drama at the Brooks!

Thursday, November 12 | 7:30 pm
*At Malco’s Studio on the Square

Directed by original Akira Kurosawa in 1950, Rashomon is a film about one crime and four seperate, and different, accounts of it. A woodcutter, widow, dead man, and possible murderer all tell the story of who-done-it and why. Follow the story through flashbacks, allegory, and oral tradition.

Laiden with modern art references, cinematography, symbolism, and philosophy, Rashomon puts the viewer in a unique position where they act as the jury trying to determine the guilty.

This film classic is known to be one of the first influences of Japanese culture on Western society, and was eventually re-made into the 1964 Western, The Outrage.

Winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and the Academy Honorary Award at the 24th Annual Academy Awards, this film is a must see!

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